Homework is an important part of education.  Homework helps students to:

  • develop the habit of working on their own
  • reinforce and review the skills and knowledge that they have learnt in lessons
  • learn how to organise themselves
  • develop their skills of independent enquiry

Homework also further strengthens the link between school and home, and provides opportunities for parents/carers to gain an insight into their child’s learning.

Homework should be:

  • set frequently (once every three lessons)
  • meaningful, relevant and clearly explained to students
  • recorded on Satchel One (Show My Homework)

At Key Stage 3 homework will be learning underpinned by the core knowledge for each subject area using 100% sheets. Key Stage 4 homework will include learning as well as a range of written tasks focussed on retrieval and revision activities.

At KS3, your child is provided with a 100% sheet booklet for each learning cycle (unit of work). This contains the key knowledge that students need to learn in each subject.

Homework activities are all focused on supporting students to learning this knowledge.

Copies of the booklets can be found here.

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