Our enrichment curriculum in Year 8 & 9 provides students with the opportunities to take part in the following courses:

Bike maintenance, repair and restoration; Multi-Sports; Trinity Arts Award; Design All-Stars; Creative Textiles; Reading Champions; Angling; E-Sports; Code breaking; Book Illustration; Puzzling; Peer mentoring; Football and Netball Leadership; Bake Off; Tales from Mythology

In addition, students have the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities including:

  • Ski & Snowboarding trip
  • Trips to France and Spain
  • A range of PE clubs and teams: badminton, girls and boys football, basketball, netball, KS3 Wellness Wednesdays (after school football, netball, rugby, badminton)
  • KS4 & 5 Art club
  • Year 7 Science club
  • KS3 choir
  • KS3 & 4 chamber ensemble
  • KS4 handbell group
  • Theatre trips run by the Music, Drama, and English Faculties
  • KS3 Language and culture club
  • Library leaders
  • Carnegie book group

Enrichment Booklet

Extra Curricular Activities

Tuesday ·   History at the Movies in H2

·   Warhammer in Construction

·   Maths Exam Paper drop-in in M6 (Year 11 only)

·   Choir in Music (12.45 – 13.15)

After School

·   Drama Club in the Drama room

·   KS4/5 Art Club in A1

Wednesday ·   Creative Writing in E3
Thursday ·   Lego Club in Construction

After School

·   Manga/Book Club in the Library (alternates each week)

PE Extra Curricular Activities

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunch BTEC SPORT – ICT 4 Futsal Badminton


Interform Basketball



3.20 – 4.00pm

KS4 Boys & Girls Football


KS3 Boys & Girls Football Y11 PE
Multisports BTEC Sport Intervention