At Swanwick Hall School we provide our students with opportunities and experiences to enhance their life choices, helping them to make a positive contribution to the world we share. Everything we do is underpinned by our three values of inclusivity, respect and resilience. We aim to provide students with a vision for their achievements further into the future, beyond school, through a comprehensive and cohesive, high-quality careers education programme. In a highly competitive employment market, the choices our students need to make are becoming more complex. As such, our curriculum ensures that our students can develop skills for employability and guides students into making well-informed, realistic decisions to make a positive careers choice. Our aim is that their choices allow them to be happy with the way that they spend their time, being able to make a positive contribution to their community and to sustain a decent standard of living. In addition, we want to ensure that our young people are prepared to make successful transitions into their next steps.  

Students are entitled to Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) which meets professional standards of practice and is both personalised to the individual and impartial. Our programme is designed to meet the CDI learning outcomes, raise aspirations, challenge stereotyping and promoting equality and diversity.  

Our programme of study follows the Career Development Institute (CDI) Framework which aims to ensure students make positive career choices. There are six key areas: 

  • Growth throughout life- to enable students to reflect on themselves and their strengths 
  • Explore possibilities- to enable students to investigate a range of options and workplaces 
  • Manage career- to allow students to make the most of opportunities 
  • Create opportunities- to enable students be proactive about their future and build positive relationships with others 
  • Balance life and work- to enable student to understand life as a worker and how to maintain well-being and other interests, alongside family and community commitments 
  • See the big picture- to help students to understand how the economy, politics and society connect with their lives.  


Alongside the CDI framework we assess ourselves on how well we are meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks. Whilst the students are in our care, they will: 

  • have had meaningful encounters with a range  of employers and educational providers. We hold monthy virtual careers talks 
  • have had tailored support and advice.  
  • linked curriculum learning to career opportunities. We have monthly career starter sessions within subjects so that students understand how their subjects link to their future 
  • have been provided with information about different career pathways, including apprenticeships, entry requirements and costs  
  • have had personal careers advice from a qualified careers advisor who works with us two days a week 
  • experienced a workplace visit in year 10 and year 12 
  • We also plan a variety of events linked to careers throughout the year including mock interview days and workshops 

The school aims to review our careers provision and information on an annual basis.

The Two Counties Trust provides each school with a qualified careers advisor so that students can have access to advice and guidance when they need it.  It is essential that students have clear plans for the future.  Having a long term career goal provides a real purpose for current learning and education.  

Paula Shanahan (Careers Lead) , Swanwick Hall School, 01773 602106

Nicola Stevens (Careers Advisor)  

Please click here for our policies and here for The Two Counties Trust policies. 

CEIAG Policy Updated June 2021

Provider Access Policy June 2021

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