Please find below a headline summary of our most recent examination results.  

Progress 8-0.33-0.39
Percentage students gaining 5+ in English and Maths39.6%41.20%
Percentage students entering the Ebacc62.3%36.8%
Average point score Ebacc3.793.84
Attainment 8 Score42.744.15
Percentage staying in education or entering employment97%96%
Post 162023
Post 16 Average Points Per Entry25.49
Post 16 Academic Average GradeD+
A Level A*-B22.7%
A Level A*-A9.1%
Applied General Average Points Per Entry33.68
Applied General Average GradeDist=
Percentage of students who continue in education, training or move on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study97.6%