School Dress Requirements

Our permitted list appears below.  It should be assumed that everything that is not listed is not permitted, but should there be any doubt, please do contact the relevant Progress and Achievement Manager for clarification.

It is a condition of attending the school that students conform to the school dress requirements. Students who attend school incorrectly dressed will not be allowed to attend lessons unless they arrange to have the correct uniform brought from home or agree to wear uniform provided by the school. 

  • Swanwick Hall School sweatshirt or Swanwick Hall School cardigan.
  • Plain Black traditional formal school type trousers or skirt of a suitable length for school (from knee to mid-calf length). Trousers must be loose fitting and must not be chinos, jeans; leggings; no fashion zips, buckles or studs. Alternatively, students are permitted to wear black culottes or black school shorts. Shorts should be tailored (not P.E or cargo-style shorts) and knee-length. Formal shorts usually have two front pockets and loop holes for a belt.
  • A plain black belt if required. Wide ‘fashion belts’ and belts with studs are not allowed
  • Plain black socks
  • Swanwick Hall School polo shirt or any plain white school type shirt with a collar. PE polo shirts should only be worn for PE lessons.
  • Plain black school type polishable shoes or plain black polishable ankle boots which must be worn to and from school as well as in school. Trousers are not to be tucked into ankle boots.  Specifically, we will no longer allow the wearing of any trainer style shoes 
  • For safety and security reasons no jewellery (including rings, wrist and neck bands etc.) is allowed other than one watch (not Smart watch), one small stud per ear. Any student with an existing nose stud will be allowed to use a clear plastic alternate to maintain their piercing.  No alternate will be offered for any new piercings as they are now expressly not in the permitted uniform list.
  • Caps, hats and any other type of head covering should only be worn in either cold or sunny weather for relevant protection, not as fashion items and never inside any buildings
  • Sunglasses should only be worn outside in sunny conditions and at other times should be away in bags.
  • Any exception to the uniform for medical or religious reasons must be approved by the Deputy Headteacher. Evidence will be sought.


Non-uniform items are not to be worn under sweatshirts even if they are not visible since when students get hot they tend to remove their sweatshirts. Long-sleeve tops are not to be worn under polo shirts.

Please insist on ‘sensible’ shoes as many ‘fashion’ shoes are uncomfortable when worn for long periods and are liable to damage young feet and ankles.

Non uniform tops covering the school uniform are not allowed except for appropriate garments such as cagoules or outdoor coats. These can be worn out of lessons when necessary. Hoodies are not an acceptable coat for school.  Any outdoor coat must be waterproof to reflect the nature of our site.

Any makeup must be discreet and students are not permitted to wear false eyelashes.

Non-natural hair colours are not permitted. Home hair dying is discouraged so that any errors do not affect learning time.

False nails or excessively long nails are not acceptable. Nail Varnish is not permitted.

If parents/carers have any queries about the school uniform requirements they should contact their child’s Progress & Achievement Manager in the first instance.   The Deputy Headteacher for Inclusion will remain the final arbiter should there be any issue with uniform.

For further clarification, please see our Code of Dress Policy here.

School Uniform Booklet

Useful links

Boys Classic Trouser

Boys Shoe

Girls Slim Trouser

Girls Formal Trouser

Girls Shoe

PE Equipment 

All Years 

  • White round neck or polo shirt, plain or with Swanwick Hall School logo 
  • Plain black school shorts 
  • Black games (rugby) shirt (only available from Mitchell Sports) 
  • Red knee length games socks 
  • Training shoes 
  • Football boots 

The following items are optional but strongly advised: 

  • Shin pads 
  • Gum shield 

The following item is optional but useful in cold weather:

  • Tracksuit bottoms in plain black or dark blue or black leggings 

Students may also wear layers under their PE kit (such as base/compression layers/long sleeve t-shirts) as long as they aren’t their uniform or hoodies. 

GCSE Students 

Kit as above with an optional G.C.S.E. P.E. top. 

School Uniform Suppliers: 

MITCHELL SPORTS: 72 Mansfield Road, South Normanton Tel: 01773 510231 


Please click here for our policies 

Required equipment items:

  • Two black pens
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A rubber
  • Colouring pencils
  • A whiteboard pen (provided by the school)
  • A green pen (provided by the school)
  • A scientific calculator (we recommend a Casio fx-83GTX which can be purchased from school)
  • Timetable and timetable wallet (provided by the school)
  • A reading book
  • A pencil case
  • A school bag big enough for A4 books/folders
  • 100% sheet booklet (Years 7 – 9 only and provided by the school)