At Swanwick Hall School, behaviour is a curriculum.  We expect all students to learn and grow together, becoming forward thinking, mature young people as they work towards adulthood in our community.  Our expected behaviours are all modelled on our values, a clear statement of what we stand for and expect in our community. 

More widely, our behaviour policy, re-developed for September 2021, places a clear emphasis on providing students with opportunities to make better decisions following a mistake or a weaker one.  At Swanwick Hall School, we believe very strongly that students will make positive decisions when provided with the opportunity to do so.  Our system is geared to ensure that in excess of 90% of all recognition for behaviour is positive every day, and we provide live data for families and students to reflect upon through our ClassCharts app.  If, as a family, you don’t have access to the app for your child yet, please contact your child’s progress and achievement manager who will be pleased to help you. 

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Behaviour Guide December 2023