In 1922, Swanwick Hall School opened as a grammar school for 300 students. The school’s motto was ‘Stand Sure’ and the school’s badge featured an oak tree. Stand Sure tells us to be proud of who we are and where we come from, to stand sure for our values and what we believe in. The oak tree, many of which adorn our beautiful 23 acre grounds, symbolises just that: standing sure, standing strong and growing over time. The school helps our students on their journey from acorns to fully grown oaks. 

Next year, in 2022, our school will celebrate its centenary. One hundred years on our motto is still ‘Stand Sure’ and our logo still features an oak tree. Timeless values do not age.  

Our school mission is to provide students with opportunities and experiences to enhance their life choices, and thus help them to make a positive contribution to the world that we share. 

This essentially means that we still take little acorns and turn them into mature oak trees that know what they are, what they stand for and what their aspirations are.  

We also behave and interact on a daily basis in line with our three agreed core values which very much reflect that original belief in standing sure: 

Inclusivity: We value the diversity within our school and provide opportunities for all to flourish and achieve their potential in a safe and happy environment.  

Respect: We respect ourselves and others, behaving in ways which build trust and create positive relationships; we treat others as we wish to be treated in a happy, kind and supportive environment, forming positive relationships and developing interpersonal skills 

Resilience: We value challenge and show the determination to work hard in order to achieve success. We accept mistakes as valuable learning opportunities.  

Remarkably, in its near 100-year history, the school has had only six headteachers. It has been my privilege to lead this school for the past fifteen years. As with my predecessors, my responsibility is to ensure that the school continues to stand sure within and for our local community and that it continues to develop as a healthy and mature oak tree. 

As a founder member of The Two Counties Trust, we work together to meet our mission through the Trust’s core values of ambition, teamwork and honesty. 

At Swanwick Hall School we provide a broad curriculum delivered by highly qualified staff and we focus on the development of the whole child and providing a wide range of opportunities and experiences. Our beautiful site is benefitting from further investment in buildings, refurbishment and technology and we start our centenary year by opening a new 18-classroom teaching block. 

We enter our second century in a position of real strength and with a shared commitment to continuing the school’s service to the local community and for the benefit of our wonderful students. 

Thank you for visiting our website, we will be delighted to welcome you on a visit to the school too.