Dear Parents/Carers,
Following national guidance the immunisation team will be offering the second dose of Covid-19 vaccination to young people age 12 – 15 and will be continuing to use the e-consent as with other vaccine programmes. They are also able to offer the first dose in school if your child hasn’t yet received a vaccination.
Children must be 12 on the day of vaccination. Please complete the consent regardless of whether you have completed one previously. They will only use newly completed forms.
There must be a gap of 12 weeks (84 days) between first and second doses. If there isn’t then your child will be refused vaccination on the day. Please only consent if your child will be eligible. There must also be a gap of 12 weeks between Covid infection and vaccination. If your child contracts Covid after completing the form or receives their vaccine elsewhere, please let the school know so we can remove them from our list.
Please visit to complete the consent form.
The unique school code for Swanwick Hall School is DD142741
Date in school: 21 January 2022
If possible, please make sure your child is wearing short sleeves and eats breakfast on the day of vaccination.
Please be aware that due to storage requirements of the vaccine the team will need to know the number of vaccines needed in advance. Therefore, the consent system will close 2 working days prior to the session at 9am. As our school session is on a Friday, the form will close the Wednesday before . They will not be able to add extra forms once it has closed.
For more information about the vaccination please visit COVID-19 Vaccination Guide for Young People 12-17  COVID 19 Guide For All Children And Young People Age 12 17
If you experience any problems completing the consent form or would like further information, please call the School Age Immunisation Team as below.
Repton Health Centre: 01283 707178
Clay Cross Hospital: 01246 252953
Or email