The Study Area

The Study Area provides students with a calm, quiet and supportive environment in order for them to complete their work independently. The Study Area is monitored by our Senior Learning and Careers Mentor. 

The Café

The Sixth Form has its own café which is managed by a member of our Catering Team from 9am until 3.20pm. Some students choose to work in here during their Independent Study Periods if they wish to work with other students rather than independently. 

The Sixth Form Classroom

As with the Café area, if students wish to work in pairs or in groups they may decide to work in a classroom rather than sitting in the Study Area. 


There are computers and laptops in the Sixth Form Centre, however students may also bring their own devices and use the Sixth Form Wi-Fi. All students are expected to sign the ICT Acceptable Use Policy at the start of the academic year. 

The Library

There is a Sixth Form section in our school library. We encourage all of our students to use the library in order to access extra reading material for their subjects.