At Swanwick Hall Sixth Form we expect our students to adhere to certain expectations. These expectations are put in place in order to ensure that our students are safe, supported and successful. 


In order to achieve the grades of which they are capable, it is crucial that students keep up to date with work, improve attendance and that coursework deadlines are met. Failure to do so may affect examination entries. Good attendance and punctuality are essential employability qualities and we would also like to remind you that, when providing references, we are always asked to comment on attendance and work ethic. 

  • All students must attend every lesson and DILP (Directed Independent Learning Period). If students have a study period or a DILP, they must sign in with the Senior Learning and Careers Mentor. 
  • All students must remain on the school site between 9am and 3.20pm. 
  • Students are permitted to leave the site for a short period of time e.g. to go to the local shop. However, they must sign out, stating a valid reason and sign back in upon their return. 
  • Students are permitted to leave the school site for an educational activity e.g. driving lesson. However, this is only allowed during a free period and has to be preapproved by the SPL (Student Progress Leader) for Key Stage 5. 
  • If students need time off school for any reason, they must complete a green form (available in the Sixth Form) at least seven days prior to the requested absence and provide evidence (appointment card, hospital letter etc.) This green form will then need to be approved and signed by either the SPL for Key Stage 5 before the system is updated. 
  • If students leave the school site without permission or without signing out with a valid reason given, a phone call home will be made to establish their whereabouts. We have a duty of care for the student between the hours of 9am and 3.20pm; these are national guidelines to which we adhere. 
  • Students must have an attendance of 95% throughout the year and this is checked weekly by the Sixth Form Team. If a student fails to achieve the target of 95% they will be required to meet with the SPL for Key Stage 5 in the first instance. This will then be followed up by a parent meeting/contract if necessary. 


Homework is recorded on a central system by each individual subject teacher. All students are expected to undertake extra independent work outside of their timetabled lessons. All Sixth Form students are expected to undertake between four to five hours’ worth of independent study per subject per week. 

If students fail to hand in homework, we have processes in place which are designed to support our students: 

  • Failure to hand in three homeworks will result in the student having a meeting with the SPL (Student Progress Leader) for Key Stage 5. 
  • Failure to hand in six homeworks will result in a letter being sent home. 
  • Failure to hand in nine homeworks will result in the SPL having a meeting with the parents/carers of the student and a contract will be issued if necessary.

Professional standards

Building a Sixth Form Community which has success in its studies, enjoyment in its activities and which makes an influential contribution to the wider life of the school and the local community, relies on students and staff working professionally and positively together. We therefore expect our students to: 

  • Communicate with staff and students in a manner which helps to build good relationships 
  • Take responsibility for personal studies by meeting all deadlines, preparing for assessments and using study periods effectively 
  • Make the most of the opportunities provided for them 
  • Be constructive and respectful in the things they do 
  • Take the initiative 
  • Be punctual 
  • Attend all lessons, Directed Independent Learning Periods (DILPs – Year 12 only), meetings with Academic Tutors and assemblies 
  • Be considerate of others as part of our community 
  • Put themselves forward as constructive role models to students lower down in the school 
  • Dress appropriately for the work of sixth form; more specifically: 
  • If shorts are worn they are no higher than mid-thigh 
  • Tops are not to be cropped or low cut 
  • High heels are not to be worn 
  • Clothing must not display offensive language or images 

Professional standards are important and will be expected once students move on from the Sixth Form, both in the workplace and in Higher Education.