We fully believe in providing all students with the opportunities and experiences to enhance and develop their subject knowledge, as they prepare for externally-assessed examinations. Teachers at Swanwick Hall School will be providing students with a range of opportunities for them to engage with preparing for their exams in an easily accessible, highly-focused and timely way. We aim to do this through the development of revision skills and strategies, and the provision of Masterclasses. The Masterclasses will be highly focussed and will provide subject-specific preparation. Masterclasses will be delivered through a combination of remote delivery and in-school face-to-face sessions. The links and resources for the Remote Masterclasses can be found under the individual subject headings below. A schedule for the in-school sessions will be communicated to students through their Tutors, Show My Homework, and a copy of the latest schedule is below.

Y11 Masterclasses Timetable Wb 16th May